jess malloy narrow hips adventure

Adventure has transitioned into a habit when you can’t live without it. Getting “cabin fever” is a risk you’d rather not take. There is no magic trick to it, but there are two essential elements you must consider if you want to make exploration a part of your life. Grow Your Inclination For me, it […]

Joshua Tree National Park California

                In less than two weeks, I will be going back home to Southern California. My heart aches for the sunshine and beaches, but one thing I will not be able to do during this visit, is climb in Joshua Tree National Park. J-Tree (as some call it) […]

…But the truth is the more I spend time with him, the more I see how much more important it is to spend the rest of your life with someone, than it is to have a big wedding. I have been scared to say it, but I guess the truth will come out sooner or later; we eloped. Like out of a fairy tale or one of my favorite romantic movies.

Narrow Hips, kentucky river

I miss “simpler” times… isn’t that something old people say? When it was sunny and 70 this past Monday, I craved to desert my responsibilities and go rock climbing in the Red River Gorge, go cliff jumping, or Slackline over the Kentucky River like I did three years ago; I missed simpler times.

A mark of my relationship with Ian is how much we both adore the mountains and being outdoors. Week to week we make small talk with one another, we share dinners, we laugh and joke. But when we go on trips, we spend hours talking about nonesense in the car, reading books out loud to […]

Taylor was our local guide, and though he did his best to describe the how the waves freeze and build up as the water tries to push itself onto shore, we were not prepared for the other-worldly landscape we drove up to. Before us was white. Mounds of what looked like hills of snow and […]

…Then the song “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding came on and I smiled to myself. The night before I had watched Pretty in Pink, re-playing over and over the part where Duckie slides into the record store and passionately lip syncs, dances, jumps and thrusts to Otis as Molly Ringwald’s character watches; jaw dropped open. I wanted to dance like Duckie right there on my mat—I settled with a few little wiggles in down dog.